A little bowl of joy brought to you by Guardians of the Galaxy………


Guardians of the Galaxy was a great movie!!! I saw this movie yesterday and what can i say, but it was just a little bowl of happiness. I don’t know if any of you have every felt so much joy and just a good time from watching a movie but this movie did that for me. I am not going to do a regular review and talk about the plot. What I want to say is that Guardians will be added to my favorite movie and I love this movie. This is one of the best superheroes movies I have saw in a long time. Just a good time at the movie theatres So I say to my fellow film geeks and lovers of movies is to go the movies and become consume with the joy this movie will bring you. 


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes review coming this weekend

Hey to all my fellow geeks and movie enthusiast out there. This weekend I will be going to the movies along with the rest of you the view Dawn of the Planets of the Apes. I hope it is as epic as the trailer show with a really good story also. I will be writing a review. Thanks for all your support and you guys are finally getting some material from my blog. Thanks and remember to stay geek.

Happy Friday!!!!!

Hello, My wordpress family. I hope you all are having a great Friday and will have a great weekend also. I will be posting a couple of post this weekend since I am free. So look out for my first book of the month that I will be reading and my pick for the movie of a week where I will watch the movie and review with a vlog and blog. Thanks for reading and stay geek.