X Men: Days of Future PAST Short Reveiw and Random Rant


Thanks for to everybody who has follwed so far. I will continue to post and and followed back everybody who has supported me so far. I am glad to be apart of this community. This the review as promise and I hope you guys enjoy. Stay geek and thanks again!


Update On Blog

Hello everyone, sorry that I didn’t post any yesterday. But as I promise. Tonight I will be posting my review of XMEN:DOFP and I will also be doing two other post. One about the book I am in planing to read and the other about whatever comes to mind. Have a great day and stay geeked and positive!!!!

Goals for this blog

Hello my fellow readers, today I come to talk to you all about the plans or goals I have for this blog. For the next week or so I  will be dishing out as many post as possible. The first one will be a movie review, after that I will pick a book to read for a week and talk about that, followed by updates on the comics I am interested in and even some anime I like to watch and manga I like to read. I will also give my take on some tech news I hear. So let’s get this show on the road. There is a lot to be cover lol. This surely will keep me busy in all aspect lol.

Random Thought



Hello guys, My name is Mike. This is your boy first blog into world of movies, books, comics, and tech. I have  passion for quite a few things in life. I want to express this passion with all heart and share my thoughts and opinions with the world. This blog just want be a place for me to share my opinion but for anybody who loves to geek out about certain things. Note: I will be very thorough  in my research and try to report on stuff I am interested in, books I want to read, and movies I want to see and everything. I know this blog is all over the place but hey this is the first post and the title of it is called “Random Thought”. I hope people will enjoy this blog and get ready to go journey because its going to be a great one!