Birthday Rant!!!!!

Dear WordPress,

How are you guys? I hope everyone is well. I have come on here to rant for second. Sorry if this may come off annoying but I have apologized. My brother birthday is coming up and we just got into a big argument about celebrating your birthday and do something. Now, I know, this may come off to some of you guys as being quite trivial and it just may be. My problem is not with my brother because I do love him dearly. I am not upset that he doesn’t want to celebrate like that and I understand that everyone don’t think their birthday is special. I just feel that when I say ‘do something’ that doesn’t mean getting shitty drunk, party, or what have you. What I mean by that is do something on your day of birth that will make you happy. That could be taking a walk, listening to your favorite song, buying a t-shirt, or whatever you want to do, that will make your day special or if you waiting for the weekend to come the same thing will apply. That’s what I meant and I guess we got into a big argument because he interpreted as me meaning he have to turn up when I want he for him to be happy that he’s alive and should just find something that makes him extra special on that day. I mean if doing nothing is what he wants to do, then I have to respected that!!! Thanks for listening guys.


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